Company History

The history of Ameriscape Services dates back to 1993 when Joe Chiellini and a close friend created a small residential land care business called Lawncombers USA. As firefighters for Hillsborough County, their goal was to earn extra money during the days they were off duty. Through hard work and dedication, Lawncombers quickly earned a reputation in the Tampa Bay area for providing quality and dependable service to their customers. As the business grew, so did the profits along with their ambition. The partners soon realized that more lucrative opportunities existed in the realm of commercial landscaping. Their first commercial opportunity came with the acquisition of a contract to service a shopping center and office building. Staying true to their business model and reputation for service and quality, word soon spread and the company’s growth opportunities expanded.

In 1999, Lawncombers USA merged with a local tree farm and Ameriscape Services USA was born. This merger further enhanced the company by adding landscaping to the company’s existing portfolio of basic lawn care. The company’s growing base of new business accounts required help in the form of a skilled and capable workforce focused on the company’s emergence into the high-end design/build arenas, commercial maintenance, arbor care, and horticultural services. Success and growth added additional business complexities including a familiarity with governmental regulations, environmental concerns, financial matters, and internal operations. The added responsibilities and accountability challenged the partners’ original vision, which resulted in Chiellini gaining full control of the company in 2001. Chiellini’s acceptance of the challenge and renewed vision and passion to create a company based on established principles of quality and sound business practices became a reality. The company’s first full-time employee, Mark Almeda, hired at Lawncombers in 1995, shared the company’s vision and passion for growth. Almeda became Chiellini’s business partner and now serves as vice president of Ameriscape Services. He remains today an integral leader in the business, directing and leading the company’s Operations Division.

Today, Ameriscape Services remains a company dedicated to its clients and employees. All employees at Ameriscape Services become part of our history, tradition, and culture. Continued success of the company depends on each employee embracing the principles of teamwork, always providing quality services, and remaining focused on total customer satisfaction. Our employees also commit to personal growth through professional and technical skills training. In the highly competitive world of commercial landscaping, maintaining a knowledgeable and skilled work force is critical to Ameriscape’s ongoing success and commitment to our clients.